Introducing the Center

In order to expand research and present solutions in health affairs and medical treatments and due to the framework presented in the constitution of the Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Center ,it was first named "Auditory Research Center" and established in 1373, and followed by the expansion of the educational and research activities, the center was succeeded in receiving the letter agreement from the Ministry Of Health & Medical Education in 1383 and the name was changed to "Otorhinolaryngology Research Center".


An increasing scope of medical information and its initiation of new branches, a high expectation of individuals to solve problems and deal with incurable diseases , and due to the fact that Otorhinolaryngology field is one the most basic needs of our society , since majority of people who seek for medical advice in general practitioner’s clinics followed after internists are those involved in Otorhinolaryngologist ; in recent years ,there has been a significant progress in this field and it led into expansion of related branches such as ,Otology, neurology, head and neck surgery, rhinology,sinus endoscopy, jaw and face,laryngology,pediatric otorhinolaryngology.

Technology advancement, on one hand, and implementation of functional surgery and improvements in surgery techniques in this field ,on the other hand, empowered the experts and made a substantial progress in quality and quantity of lives of the patients. It is crystal clear that the necessity of research and production of science to achieve goals and increasing progress is felt. To aim this goal otorhinolaryngology Center has established and started up and it has already achieves some goals, as followed, in this respect.