1. Assesment of nutritional indices in larynx cancer patients after laryngectomy in Amir alam hospital during 1385-1386
  2. Out come assesment of stamm jejunostomy feeding fallowing Laryngopharyngectomy pancreatectomy Esophagial cancer in Amiralam hospital 1385-1386
  3. Comparing topical mitomycin – C with chemical cautery in the treatment of granulation tissue following canal wall down mastoidectomy
  4. Evaluation of ethmoid roof with analysis ofcronal computed tomography imaging the paranasal sinus
  5. Evaluation of vestibular system Changes After cochlear Implantation In Patients with profound Hearing Loss In Amiralam Hospital In 1385
  6. study on effectiveness of Intratympanic Steroid for Intractable Ménière’s Disease
  7. A placebo-controllrd randomized trial , compairing the effectiveness of clarithromycin and clarithromycin plus cetirizine in management of severe nasal polyposis
  8. Incidence of Microscopic lymphatic metastasis separately in level II, III and IV of Neck in N0 supraglottic SCC in Amir Alam hospital during 1385-87″
  9. Comparison of the Post Cochlear Implantation Results between Deaf Patients who carry mutations of GJB2 and the other deaf patients who do not carry the specified mutations of the GJB2″
  10. The comparative study of the effect of topical mitomycin-c in treatment of laryngotracheal stenosis in amiralam hospital from 1385-1386
  11. The study on the Vestiblar function in patients with cochlear implantation
  12. The incidence and predisposing factors of postlaryngectomy pharyngocotaneous fistulae in EMAM hospital
  13. The study on ypathology of sinus mucosa and polypoid tissue in patients with chronic sinusitis and asthma compared with chronic sinusitis patients without asthma
  14. study on Accuracy of Frozen-section Diagnosis in Major Salivary Gland Tumors in Amiralam Hospital During 1385-86
  15. Intralesional Cidofovir versus CO2 Laser for Treatment of Juvenile Laryngeal Papillomatosis & second formant frequency of /hVd/ between normal & 16- ” comparison first cochlear implant”
  16. The role of conditioning option on electrode impedances in Clarion cochlear implant system
  17. Frequency of S.C.C in blind punch biopsy from oral mucosa from patients with T1-T2 primary S.C.C of oral- tongue after resection of tumor with negative frozen section
  18. survey of middle Latency and Long –Latency auditory awoked potential in Induced Hearing LOSS in Amiralam hospital
  19. Determination of Reading And Writing Problems In Cochlear Implanted Children At The End Of First Stage In School
  20. Assessment of efficacy of concurrent high-does Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy with Cisplatin on reducing the stage of T3-T4 para nasal sinuses cancers referring to Amiraalam hospital between 2006-2007
  21. Comparing Remnant Rate of Cholesteatoma in Endoscopically Controled ICW Tympano-mastoidectomy with CWD Tympano-mastoidectomy in Patients with Cholesteatoma of Middle Ear and Mastoid operated in Amiralam hospital during 1384-1385
  22. Survey of Dexamethasone’s effects on the prophylaxis of nausea and vomiting after stapedectomy surgery in amiralam hospital