1. The book of” Clinical approach to facial nerve paralysis”; written by :Dr Mahmod Sadoghi-Dr Yasha Amidi.Summer 1385
  2. The book of” Sinus disease and surgery”; translation and collection by : Mohsen Naraghi.MD.Autumn 1385
  3. The book of”Nose disease and surgery”;taranslated and collection by :Mohsen Naraghi.MD.Autumn 1385
  4. The book of” facial plastic surgery “translation and collection by:Mohsen Naraghi.MD, Autumn1385
  5. The book of”skull base surgery”;translation and collection by ;Mohsen Naraghi.MD, Autumn1385
  6. The book of”pediatric rhinology”;translation and collection by :Mohsen Naraghi.MD, Autumn1385